Dr Frederik Steyn and Dr Shyuan Ngo 



Biomedical researchers

Research/Job Area

Derik and Sho research neurodegenerative disease such as Motor Neurone Disease and ageing and investigate the roles appetite and metabolism play in these areas.

Message for the Public

We live in a world where we are continuously reminded of the pitfalls of eating too much, but we need to recognise that good food is our friend. Having a healthy appetite is a sign of good health – when we get sick or as we age we can lose our appetite, and this is generally a sign of things to come. For example, in motor neurone disease, loss of appetite leading to weight loss is a negative prognostic factor (as indicated by our research). Similar associations are seen in other diseases, including cancer. Loss of appetite in old age is also a negative prognostic factor. We need to a pay attention to our appetite; a change in appetite could indicate that something is wrong. Go with your gut. Eating is a key part of our lives, and if we can properly educate ourselves on the value of food, we are more likely to adopt healthy habits.

Favourite Food

Any meal that is enjoyed with friends or family. Outside of that, good Chinese dumplings.