Mushroom and Corn Salad


PREP TIME 10 minutes
COOK TIME 5 minutes


2 corn on the cob
4-5 large mushrooms
25g Ashgrove butter
1 tbsp thyme leaves
2 garlic cloves
1 tbsp chopped chives
5-6 snow peas, sliced into thin batons

For the snow dusting;
1 tbsp Pukara lemon oil
2 tbsp n zorbit maltodextrin powder


Step 1
In a pan over high heat or on a grill, char corn until brown/black on the outside. Remove from the pan and cut corn off the cob, set aside for later.

Step 2
Into a pan over medium heat add mushrooms, butter, thyme and garlic. Sauté until butter has melted and mushrooms start to brown, approximately 5 minutes. Add corn back to the pan along with chopped chives.

Step 3
To make the snow dusting, combine lemon oil and n zorbit maltodextrin powder, stir until the powder has absorbed the lemon juice.

To serve, place snow peas at the bottom of a bowl and top with corn and mushroom mixture, sprinkle over snow dusting.